Friday, January 13, 2012

The Underdogs «

The Underdogs «
Mike Rice writes in the Denver Broncos blog: The "Denver Broncos are right where they want to be. They are in the playoffs but still not picked to do too much.

'We love being underdogs,' linebacker Joe Mays said on Tuesday. 'There’s no pressure. We just get going and play our style of football and just try to prove everybody wrong like we’ve been doing all year.'"

The Denver Broncos love being the Underdogs, they love not getting any respect nationally as a dark horse to make it to the Super Bowl, let alone do anything this season. They have squeaked into the playoffs, shocked the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, and now face the New England Patriots, a team many think will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season. As 14-point underdogs this week, they will try to shock the world again and upset the best of the best! Go Broncos!

Check out this poem penned by Colorado Supreme Court Justice, Greg Hobbs in anticipation of this week's matchup with the Patriots:

Rocky Mountain Thunder

Salute the Patriots!
Paul Revere, John Adams, Emily Dickinson,
the Oxbow of the Connecticut River the Hudson River
painters revered as the opening to the West.

Destiny calls!
Through forest and plains the Great Divide stands
for open country at the heart of the continent,
Ride, you Rocky Mountain thunder, Ride!

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