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The One NFL Scout Who Believed In Tim Tebow | ThePostGame

The One NFL Scout Who Believed In Tim Tebow | ThePostGame:
Les Carpenter, writer for The Post Game, comments on the one scout, Ken Herock, who thought Tebow would be a special player: But what the Broncos staff saw in Tebow, Herock noticed first. He saw it in the way the quarterback took apart offenses as cleanly as any player he's ever watched. He saw it when he played the role of a team executive, asking the tough questions and suggesting that Tebow was another Alex Smith -- then considered a bust -- because both played for Urban Meyer in college.

"Now hold on there Mr. Herock," Tebow interrupted, going on to say the comparison was not valid considering his Heisman Trophy and the two national championships he was a part of at Florida.

Herock chuckles into the phone. There is a feistiness to Tebow that many don’t often see.

"I told him, 'Make sure you tell (the NFL teams) that,'" Herock says.

Mostly though, he loved Tebow as a quarterback, which, of course, is where most NFL personnel people did not find the same brilliance. Yet as with Favre, Young and Williams, Herock believes Tebow has a resourcefulness lacking in the other prospects.

"He’s just like a coach," Herock says. "He can see things. He’s not particularly fast. He’s not particularly quick. He has good vision when he runs. He sees the holes when he runs. He’s got a special gift for seeing things on the field. He has a sixth-sense vision."

This was an insightful retrospective on the only person who thought Tim Tebow could be an NFL quarterback, except for former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels. Herock liked Tebow's vision on the field, seeing openings, and making plays. He also liked Tebow's ability to dissect offenses and game plans.

Also, despite the poor mechanics in college, Herock believes Tebow has come leaps and bounds in the pro game with his throwing mechanics. It remains a work in progress, but Tebow has definitely improved since his rookie season in August 2010.

My favorite quote from the article: "My God that kid is special" -Ken Herock.
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