Sunday, September 9, 2012

Von Miller Tebowing

Von Miller finished off the marquee Sunday Night Football win over the Pittsburgh Steelers with a huge sack late in the 4th quarter. To celebrate, Miller tebowed, in honor of the team's quarterback Tim Tebow who was dumped in favor of Peyton Manning in the offseason.


Friday, January 20, 2012

All Potential Super Bowl Matchups Look Good -- Adam Schefter's 10 Spot

All potential matchups look good -- Adam Schefter's 10 Spot - ESPN:
Crazy fact about this NFL Season: writer, Adam Schefter reports: "Few if any predicted that 49ers quarterback Alex Smith would lead his team further in this season's playoffs than Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Everyone waited for Smith to flop this season, and he has done just the opposite. Smith was less mistake-prone this season than any other quarterback in football. Smith's interception percentage this season of 1.1 -- five interceptions on 445 passing attempts -- was the lowest in the NFL. It was better than Rodgers' 1.2 (six interceptions in 502 attempts) and better than Sam Bradford's 1.7 (six in 357). Smith's interception percentage was so low that it set a 49ers season franchise record, bettering any interception mark that Joe Montana or Steve Young had in one season. If Smith can continue to avoid the mistakes, San Francisco will be tough to take down, even for a white-hot Giants team."


Great season Alex Smith... no matter how it turns out.

Check out the rest of Adam Schefter's weekly 10 Spot here
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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Plugged In: Tim Tebow and the Gift of Losing

Focus on the Family Community: Plugged In: Tim Tebow and the Gift of Losing:
Great article from Focus on the Family about the amazing run for Tim Tebow and the Broncos this season and that even in losses God is working through Tebow and in our lives when we suffer loss.

John 3:16 - For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.
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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Believing in Tim Tebow - ESPN

Believing in Tim Tebow - ESPN: columnist, Rick Reilly, celebrates Tim Tebow the humanitarian: "I've come to believe in Tim Tebow, but not for what he does on a football field, which is still three parts Dr. Jekyll and two parts Mr. Hyde.

No, I've come to believe in Tim Tebow for what he does off a football field, which is represent the best parts of us, the parts I want to be and so rarely am."

Tim Tebow has made an amazing contribution to his fans, to those in need, and to those who are hurting.

It has been a remarkable testimony about who he is, and what means the most to him, week in and week out.
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

5 Biggest Plays: No. 1 - Tim Tebow 9-Yard Touchdown Run on Opening Drive

In the red zone with the football tucked, Tim Tebow is one of the hardest quarterback/running back to stop. He has a nose for the end zone.

This week the Broncos have to use different misdirection plays in the red zone to punch in the football. The Patriots defense was overmatched against Tebow's running abilities in the Week 15 matchup and the Broncos need to capitalize in this area again this week in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.

This first drive running the ball down the Patriots throat is how the Broncos need to start.

5 Biggest Plays: No. 2 - Elvis Dumervil Lays Out Tom Brady for the Sack

Elvis Dumervil got some serious pressure on this play and Tom Brady had no idea what just hit him!

Doom (Dumervil) and Gloom (Von Miller) have to keep Brady worried about them bringing pressure all day.

The Broncos need to be relentlessly attacking Tom Brady and the line of scrimmage to disrupt patterns and throw off Brady's precise timing with his receivers.

If they can do that it will give them a great shot to win!

5 Biggest Plays: No. 3 - Lance Ball 32-yard Touchdown Run

Early on in the game with the New England Patriots the Denver Broncos were gashing the Patriots defense for some long runs.

Lance Ball had a huge gain when he scored on a 32-yard touchdown run putting the Broncos up 13-6 in the first quarter.

The Broncos have to be able to consistently run the football for big yardage to keep balance.

This game got away from the Broncos when some poor turnovers put the Broncos in a big hole, not allowing them to operate out of their game plan.

5 Biggest Plays: No. 4 - Tim Tebow to Demaryius Thomas for 39 yards

Tim Tebow's favorite target has quickly become Demaryius Thomas.

Yet again, last week the Denver Broncos burned repetitively the cornerbacks of the Pittsburgh Steelers with this deep threat from Tebow to Thomas. People are calling this connection TNT!

In this play, Thomas found the open zone coverage on a nicely designed play that has Eric Decker take the safety deep while Thomas squats behind the secondary for an easy catch.

TNT has to be explosive this week against the weak secondary of the New England Patriots.

5 Biggest Plays: No. 5 - Quinton Carter Safety Blitz on Tom Brady

The Denver Broncos defensively showed the Patriots several different looks and formations and here they get an uncovered Quinton Carter coming in on the Safety Blitz on Tom Brady and he gets a huge sack.

This type of disguising defensive calls to generate pressure on Tom Brady is a must.

The Broncos have to get in Brady's face and knock him down lots of times. In the games he lost this season, several of them the defense had around 4-5 sacks.

Broncos must get pressure on Brady.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Bill Simmons answers more reader e-mail and makes his NFL picks - Grantland

Bill Simmons answers more reader e-mail and makes his NFL picks - Grantland:
One of my sportswriting idols, a die hard Boston sports fan, the Sportsguy Bill Simmons share some emails he has gotten about this weekend's playoff matchups:
"'Every Patriots fan I talk to is on the same page — I don't expect to win the Super Bowl, or even the AFC Championship game. But we absolutely cannot lose this one.'

'I am more nervous for this football game than any I can remember. Right now, on Wednesday, I have the same feeling in my stomach that I had in the fourth quarter of the Giants Super Bowl. One of you: please tell me something that will make me feel better.'

'I have spent more time considering where to watch this game than what to feed my child this week. Home seems like a bad call — I really might break something and it might lead to divorce. I'm a mess about this game too. I really have nothing soothing to say.'

'My cousin Kristin's wedding reception is at the exact same time as this game. No TV's at the reception — my Dad already checked. We are going to have 40 people grimly huddled around my iPhone watching what promises to be one of the biggest upsets in sports history as we're watching some stolen internet stream that cuts off right as Tebow's potential game-winning pass is soaring in the air, followed by me giving my father CPR for the next 20 minutes. I have never felt more pessimistic about a sporting event in which my team would have to be beaten by a 7-to-1 underdog to lose — not ever.' (By the way, that last e-mail was written by me. And it's all true. Cousin Kristin — you're lucky I like you.)"

I love it! The Broncos have already psyched out all of Boston with their fears of being upset by Tim Tebow and the Broncos, the single scariest playoff team that everyone thinks will choke, but in the bottom of their hearts they fear that they will be the team to lose to this unbelievable story... See the overconfident Pittsburgh Steelers and their arrogant fan base.

I am so excited for tomorrow's game! Why can't it be in the early afternoon and not a late game?

In case you don't know the game will be on tomorrow, January 14, 2012 at 6:15 pm MT. The game will be broadcast on TV on CBS (Channel 4 in Denver, CO). The game will be played in Gillette Stadium, located in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

As of now 2:45 pm MT there is only 27 hours and 30 minutes until game time!!!

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The Underdogs «

The Underdogs «
Mike Rice writes in the Denver Broncos blog: The "Denver Broncos are right where they want to be. They are in the playoffs but still not picked to do too much.

'We love being underdogs,' linebacker Joe Mays said on Tuesday. 'There’s no pressure. We just get going and play our style of football and just try to prove everybody wrong like we’ve been doing all year.'"

The Denver Broncos love being the Underdogs, they love not getting any respect nationally as a dark horse to make it to the Super Bowl, let alone do anything this season. They have squeaked into the playoffs, shocked the defending AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers, and now face the New England Patriots, a team many think will represent the AFC in the Super Bowl this season. As 14-point underdogs this week, they will try to shock the world again and upset the best of the best! Go Broncos!

Check out this poem penned by Colorado Supreme Court Justice, Greg Hobbs in anticipation of this week's matchup with the Patriots:

Rocky Mountain Thunder

Salute the Patriots!
Paul Revere, John Adams, Emily Dickinson,
the Oxbow of the Connecticut River the Hudson River
painters revered as the opening to the West.

Destiny calls!
Through forest and plains the Great Divide stands
for open country at the heart of the continent,
Ride, you Rocky Mountain thunder, Ride!

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Tim Tebow to Demaryius Thomas 80-yard Overtime Touchdown - Inspiration!

Some pre-game inspiration for the Denver Broncos!! Go and do it again! We believe even though everyone else doubts!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The One NFL Scout Who Believed In Tim Tebow | ThePostGame

The One NFL Scout Who Believed In Tim Tebow | ThePostGame:
Les Carpenter, writer for The Post Game, comments on the one scout, Ken Herock, who thought Tebow would be a special player: But what the Broncos staff saw in Tebow, Herock noticed first. He saw it in the way the quarterback took apart offenses as cleanly as any player he's ever watched. He saw it when he played the role of a team executive, asking the tough questions and suggesting that Tebow was another Alex Smith -- then considered a bust -- because both played for Urban Meyer in college.

"Now hold on there Mr. Herock," Tebow interrupted, going on to say the comparison was not valid considering his Heisman Trophy and the two national championships he was a part of at Florida.

Herock chuckles into the phone. There is a feistiness to Tebow that many don’t often see.

"I told him, 'Make sure you tell (the NFL teams) that,'" Herock says.

Mostly though, he loved Tebow as a quarterback, which, of course, is where most NFL personnel people did not find the same brilliance. Yet as with Favre, Young and Williams, Herock believes Tebow has a resourcefulness lacking in the other prospects.

"He’s just like a coach," Herock says. "He can see things. He’s not particularly fast. He’s not particularly quick. He has good vision when he runs. He sees the holes when he runs. He’s got a special gift for seeing things on the field. He has a sixth-sense vision."

This was an insightful retrospective on the only person who thought Tim Tebow could be an NFL quarterback, except for former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels. Herock liked Tebow's vision on the field, seeing openings, and making plays. He also liked Tebow's ability to dissect offenses and game plans.

Also, despite the poor mechanics in college, Herock believes Tebow has come leaps and bounds in the pro game with his throwing mechanics. It remains a work in progress, but Tebow has definitely improved since his rookie season in August 2010.

My favorite quote from the article: "My God that kid is special" -Ken Herock.
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NFL Playoffs: Defensive Changes Necessary for Denver Broncos to Stop Tom Brady | Bleacher Report

NFL Playoffs: Defensive Changes Necessary for Denver Broncos to Stop Tom Brady :
In the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs last weekend, the Denver Broncos unveiled a new dime package against the Pittsburgh Steelers to cover the slew of speedy wide receivers that the Steelers employed week-to-week.

Rafael Bush was an additional safety that Dennis Allen inserted to provide speed in the secondary as well as an extra body to disrupt Ben Roethlisberger’s passing game. The defensive change made a huge difference in the game. Roethlisberger was limited to passing for just 289 yards, but had an interception to go with his solo touchdown. The Broncos didn’t let the Steelers receivers get behind them and the longest pass play by the Steelers was a 33-yard reception by Tight End Heath Miller.

This weekend, the Denver Broncos defense has a much greater task: Stopping Tom Brady and the New England Patriots bruising tight ends, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez.

In the last match-up with the New England Patriots in Week 15, the Denver Broncos were victimized by the Brady to Hernandez hook up, which accounted for 129 passing yards and a touchdown. Brady had a second passing touchdown when he found an uncovered Chad Ochocinco in the end zone after blown coverage by Denver’s secondary.

That type of mistake will not cut it in the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs. Andre Goodman’s crucial mistake put the Broncos down early in a game that needed to be near perfect to even have a chance against the Patriots.

In the second round of this match up, a nearly flawless execution of the game plan is again a top priority. The Denver Broncos showed that they could execute the game plan last week against the Steelers, so much of the same should be expected this week.

To adjust for the strong, overpowering tight ends of the New England Patriots, the Broncos will switch back to a Nickel formation, having five defensive backs and two linebackers who can cover. Wesley Woodyard, who had a great game against the Patriots in the first game should again see lots of action. He is a top cover linebacker who will likely match up against Gronkowski or Hernandez off the line of scrimmage.

More than likely he will match up against Gronkowski to provide blanket coverage and force Tom Brady to look at different options Saturday. Joe Mays, D.J. Williams and Mario Haggan will likely get more action as the second linebacker in coverage in the Nickel package. Both Williams and Haggan have lined up on tight ends and have been able to hold their own in various situations. As far as I’ve seen, most quarterbacks have tried to go after D.J. Williams when he is in pass coverage, but they have had limited results. Williams has had his share of pass break ups and has at times gotten burned in coverage.

However, using a Nickel package with five defensive backs should provide help for Williams and Woodyard in coverage. Look for the Broncos to line up Champ Bailey, Andre Goodman on the outside in coverage, or possibly on Wes Welker in the slot, then to have David Bruton at strong safety and Quinton Carter at free safety, with either Chris Harris also in their or Rafael Bush as a third safety.

On defense, the Denver Broncos have demonstrated that they can get pressure on the quarterback while rushing only four and that has proved to be a great asset. Elvis Dumervil has returned to form as he has had 9.5 sacks this season and has made 42 tackles. On the other side, the surprise most improved player on defense has to be Robert Ayers.

Ayers has provided a spark to the Broncos defense opposite of Dumervil as rookie sensation, Von Miller has struggled with a cast on his right thumb in the past couple months. In last week’s playoff game with the Steelers, Robert Ayers had two huge sacks on Ben Roethlisberger leading the team. Two weeks ago, facing the Kansas City Chiefs, Ayers had another sacks. The Broncos hope his resurgence will continue against the New England Patriots and he can bring down Tom Brady.

The Patriots offensive line has not been stellar this season, but Tom Brady has been able to consistently get rid of the ball quickly, before taking a sack. The Broncos must get pressure with the front four to disrupt Brady’s passes to his bruising tight ends and shifty slot receiver, Wes Welker. If he has time to make his reads and get rid of the football, Brady will carve up the defense.

In addition to switching to a re-vamped Nickel package, the Broncos need the linebackers and cornerbacks, to play bump and run at the line of scrimmage.

Getting push at the line of scrimmage, disrupts routes and timing with Tom Brady. They need to get the offense out of sync and out of sorts. The Broncos must hold up receivers at the line, in order to allow the pass rush to make Brady uncomfortable. If the Broncos can keep the Patriots out of rhythm on offense, it gives them a much better chance of limiting their offense, which has dominated defenses all year long.
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Broncos linebacker Woodyard likely to get more playing time to counter Patriots' dangerous tight ends - The Denver Post

Broncos linebacker Woodyard likely to get more playing time to counter Patriots' dangerous tight ends - The Denver Post:
Jeff Legwold for the Denver Post explains the new defensive changes that the Denver Broncos unveiled for the Pittsburgh Steelers: "The Broncos did break out a new dime package (six defensive backs) against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. They used it, in part, because the Steelers like to open up the formation and use plenty of wide receivers.

The idea was to have enough bigger defenders on the field to defend the run and keep Miller and Elvis Dumervil in the lineup to rush the passer. With just two defensive linemen in three-point stances when they used the dime package, the Broncos were able to offer a wide variety of fronts for Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to sort through, moving Miller around especially.

Woodyard is their best linebacker in pass coverage and, with New England sporting two impact players at tight end — Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez — it would be far more difficult for the Broncos to arrange the pieces on defense if Woodyard isn't part of the mix Saturday night."

The Broncos will have to make some adjustments against the New England Patriots since they play a much different style than the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is likely that Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen, and Head Coach John Fox will take a long look at what they faced in Week 15 on defense and make up some effective schemes designed to stop Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski in the middle with larger linebackers, such as Wesley Woodyard to prevent them from getting beaten for big gains.

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Robert Ayers at end a good start for Broncos' pass rush - The Denver Post

Robert Ayers at end a good start for Broncos' pass rush - The Denver Post:
Denver Post writer, Jeff Legwold explains: "The Broncos got two sacks from left defensive end Robert Ayers last week — one of those coming when he flipped to right defensive end and overwhelmed Pittsburgh Steelers left tackle Max Starks. If Ayers can continue his move up the developmental curve, the Broncos have a chance for a must-have component for any defense to consistently rattle quarterbacks.

'I think Robert had one of his best games (against the Steelers),' Broncos defensive coordinator Dennis Allen said Wednesday. He added: 'Robert, as the year has gone on, he's grown up, he's grown up as a man, grown up as a player, he's gotten better as we've gone on. I would expect that to continue.'"

Robert Ayers was given new life this season, when yet another new defensive coordinator came into Denver and coupled with a defensive minded head coach in John Fox, he has had his best season in the pros. Some regarded him earlier in his career as a bust, but this season he has proven the critics wrong making great strides in the pass rush.

He has been a force all season long.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tim Tebow Now America's Favorite Current Pro Athlete According To Poll - Mile High Report

Tim Tebow Now America's Favorite Current Pro Athlete According To Poll - Mile High Report:
Tim Tebow was voted the favorite athlete in America based on a poll on Check out this story.
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How Tebow and His Helpers Beat Man Coverage -

How Tebow and His Helpers Beat Man Coverage -
Andy Benoit writes: "In his biggest game as a pro, Tebow disproved (at least temporarily) his legions of naysayers by connecting on throws against man coverage. That’s what all the experts – including, apparently, the Steelers defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau – decided he couldn’t do. Don’t blame the experts. They were simply going by what they’d seen on film the past two weeks. Credit Tebow for finally “pulling the trigger” and playing with pocket poise against the Steelers’ intentionally soft pass rush. More than that, credit his offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy, and top receiver, Demaryius Thomas.

McCoy designed some very shrewd routes against the Steelers’ coverages. Instead of going with the tight bunches and myriad crossing patterns that most coaches use to beat man coverage, he went with a barrage of outside fly routes. Those patterns ensured one-on-one coverage – as safety help is irrelevant outside in man coverage – and allowed Tebow to heave the ball downfield rather than make precise, timing-based throws to moving targets through tight windows. When McCoy did go to crossing routes, he put in wrinkles like fly patterns up the seams off the crosses or deep hooks on the outside. The idea was to use Troy Polamalu’s aggressive decision-making against him. It worked masterfully."

Great analysis of the playcalling by Mike McCoy and creativity invoked to upset the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Tim Tebow spawns theories to explain his development as quarterback of the Denver Broncos - ESPN

Tim Tebow spawns theories to explain his development as quarterback of the Denver Broncos - ESPN:
Eight theories on the legend that is Tim Tebow... pretty funny.
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Conan Peanut Players Present: Tim Tebow's Miraculous Pass - Video @

Conan Peanut Players Present: Tim Tebow's Miraculous Pass - Video @
funny video from Team Coco re-enacting the amazing play by Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos!

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Video: Best strategy for Broncos vs. Pats - AFC West Blog - ESPN

Video: Best strategy for Broncos vs. Pats - AFC West Blog - ESPN: "Herm Edwards discusses the best strategy for the Denver Broncos to beat the New England Patriots"

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Photo of Pittsburgh Mayor "Tebowing" After Losing Bet in Broncos Win Over Steelers

Darren Rovell's photo "Photo of Pittsburgh mayor "Te..." on WhoSay:
Check out this image of the Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl "Tebowing" in a number 15 Tebow jersey after losing a bet with Denver's Mayor Michael Hancock.

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Favorite Denver Broncos Quotes Following Victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers

These are my favorite Denver Broncos quotes after Sunday's victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers:

Demaryius Thomas: On Josh McDaniels on the sidelines for the New England Patriots next week - "That's going to be strange. He drafted me and Tim."

Tim Tebow: After the Broncos-Patriots game during the regular season, Tom Brady met Tebow at the 50-yard line after the game and said, "We'll see you again." Tebow said after the victory over the Steelers, "I guess he's a prophet."

Did you see any other great quotes this week leading up the Broncos' playoff game with the New England Patriots? Share below.

Denver Broncos: 8 Keys to Shocking the New England Patriots | Bleacher Report

Denver Broncos: 8 Keys to Shocking the New England Patriots | Bleacher Report:

The next playoff game for the Denver Broncos is a rematch game from Week 15 against the New England Patriots. While one costly quarter filled with fumbles essentially cost the Broncos the game, the Broncos coaching staff can take a lot of positives away from that game and develop a winning game plan to pull off the latest big upset in as many weeks.

Check out these keys to a Denver Broncos victory over the surging New England Patriots.

Denver Broncos: 8 Keys to Shocking the New England Patriots

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Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos Face Psychological Hurdles Against the Patriots | Bleacher Report

Tim Tebow and Denver Broncos Face Psychological Hurdles Against the Patriots | Bleacher Report:
This Broncos team is high on emotion. They have a lot of ups and downs. They have a great deal of passion, heart and a never say die attitude. However, will they able to rebound when the Patriots get going. They can’t start moping around, or be reserved to failure if the Patriots put up a few long drives for big scores. They must step up and make plays to answer the Patriots.

The Patriots' specialty is coming back and then disheartening an opponent. They usually start slow and then repetitively beat down an opponent to the point where psychologically they believe all hope is lost.

The Patriots beat down cost the Broncos the remaining two games of the season when the offense completely stalled and it appeared like Tim Tebow’s confidence was utterly shot. The adrenaline shot that Tebow got in the second quarter when he connected with Demaryius Thomas for 51 yards, leading to the go-ahead score revived his confidence and carried him through the game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and into the game against the New England Patriots.

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Over and out: Steelers ousted in wild one

Over and out: Steelers ousted in wild one:
Ed Bouchette, writer for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette breaks down the playoff game with the Denver Broncos: "The Steelers never saw it coming, a 29-23 overtime dart fired by Tebow and the heavily underdog Broncos to quickly end the reign of the 2010 AFC champions.

'We felt we had a good grasp of what they would try to do to us,' linebacker James Farrior said. 'They made more plays than we thought they were capable of making.

'We really hadn't seen that out of him on tape.'"

The Steelers were shell-shocked after the 80-yard touchdown in overtime in which Demaryius Thomas burnt Ike Taylor in a foot race to the end zone. It is arguably one of the best touchdowns of the season for the Denver Broncos.
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Bill Barnwell breaks down Tim Tebow's epic game and the coaching woes in Atlanta - Grantland

Bill Barnwell breaks down Tim Tebow's epic game and the coaching woes in Atlanta - Grantland:
Bill Barnwell writes: "Well, on Sunday Tebow delivered one of the finest performances a quarterback has delivered in recent memory. Not in some intangible quality — leadership, heart, grit, you name it, whatever — but an actual quantifiably great game. He's delivered that before as a pro, but not as a passer, and not against a fantastic defense. In the wake of Sunday night's remarkable upset, we are here to tell you that Tebow delivered a game as a passer that is worth your respect and then some."

If you want to subtract some credit for Tebow's inaccuracy, use passer rating instead. Passer rating is flawed for a variety of reasons, but the biggest reason is that it favors quarterbacks with excellent completion percentages who never make big plays downfield. The second biggest reason is that it doesn't consider a quarterback's rushing ability. If there is any stat that would give an artificially low opinion of your typical Tim Tebow performance, it's passer rating. And despite all that, Tebow's performance on Sunday merited a passer rating of 125.6. Since 1990, only 29 of the 485 quarterbacks who threw 15 or more passes in a game put up a passer rating greater than 125.6."

Tim Tebow set some amazing records and had a performance of the ages in his first-ever NFL Playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, number one ranked defense. What a performance!
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Steelers lost by underestimating Tebow - AFC North Blog - ESPN

Steelers lost by underestimating Tebow - AFC North Blog - ESPN:
ESPN AFC North Blogger writes: "The heavily favored Steelers were upset by the Broncos because they underestimated Tim Tebow. Pittsburgh dared the struggling quarterback to beat the NFL's top-ranked defense by throwing deep, and he did it again and again.

The Steelers were gashed by Tebow for 20 points in a near record-setting second quarter. The defending AFC champions were knocked unceremoniously out of the playoffs on the first play of overtime by the arm of Tebow.

Pittsburgh wasn't just undone by another dramatic Tebow finish. The Steelers were punched in the gut because they believed Tebow couldn't beat them throwing the ball and they paid for it."

The Broncos overcame an overconfident Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card Round of the NFL Playoffs by executing a great game plan and beating man-to-man coverage. It was an amazing game!
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