Wednesday, September 14, 2011

“Play Tebow” coming to Denver billboards? - BroncoTalk

“Play Tebow” coming to Denver billboards? - BroncoTalk:

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"Bench Orton, Play Tebow" coming to billboards near you?!

A group of die hard Broncos fans are preparing to put up the cash to purchase two billboard signs near downtown Denver if Orton has another cruddy game this week against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The fans say that they aren't Tebowmaniacs who have just started following the Broncos after Tebow signed in 2010, but they are fans who have enjoyed the Broncos for years.

After only a week of poor play by Orton fans are already ready to sacrifice Orton in a game where he passed for over 300 yards, but also turned the ball over three times.

If Orton doesn't play better next week, his drive to Mile High might be haunted by these signs calling for Tebow to take the helm for the Broncos.

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