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Report: Broncos to workout safety Sharper - BroncoTalk

Report: Broncos to workout safety Sharper - BroncoTalk:

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Wow! this would be a huge defensive gain for the Broncos. Darren Sharper is one of the best safeties of all-time. Working alongside of Brian Dawkins, helping out rookie Rahim Moore learn the ropes.

If the Broncos added Sharper they would have the two top players with the most interceptions in the NFL... number 1 (Sharper) and number 2 (Champ Bailey) among active players.

In addition to Sharper, the Broncos reportedly worked out running back Thomas Clayton, and three other running backs, which weren't named and a defensive lineman.

Hopeful moves that the Broncos might get some help to relieve the myriad of injuries they suffered in Week 1 against the Oakland Raiders on Monday Night Football.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

“Play Tebow” coming to Denver billboards? - BroncoTalk

“Play Tebow” coming to Denver billboards? - BroncoTalk:

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"Bench Orton, Play Tebow" coming to billboards near you?!

A group of die hard Broncos fans are preparing to put up the cash to purchase two billboard signs near downtown Denver if Orton has another cruddy game this week against the Cincinnati Bengals.

The fans say that they aren't Tebowmaniacs who have just started following the Broncos after Tebow signed in 2010, but they are fans who have enjoyed the Broncos for years.

After only a week of poor play by Orton fans are already ready to sacrifice Orton in a game where he passed for over 300 yards, but also turned the ball over three times.

If Orton doesn't play better next week, his drive to Mile High might be haunted by these signs calling for Tebow to take the helm for the Broncos.

Denver Broncos: Front Office and Fans Moving Farther Apart on Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos front office has been paying the Broncos fans lip-service since they started the highly-paid, highly-drafted prospect Tim Tebow in Week 15 of 2010 against the Oakland Raiders.

The team at that point was hopelessly 3-10, had finally fired their coaching disaster, Josh McDaniels, and the cries for somebody else, anybody else at the quarterback position had become too loud to contain.

Fans chanting for Tim Tebow, the franchise quarterback of the future, resounded and finally won out when interim head coach Eric Studesville, coming off a shellacking by a lackluster Arizona Cardinals team, couldn't resist and inserted Tebow into the lineup as the starting quarterback.

The reason for the dismal 10 losses with Kyle Orton under center wasn't his lack of production. He threw for 3653 yards, 20 touchdowns and just nine interceptions with a 58.8 completion percentage in the first 13 games of 2010.

When it comes to scoring, moving the chains on third down, and making it happen when it really counts, the comparison between Orton and Tebow is surprisingly very similar. AFC West blogger from, Bill Williamson presented some ESPN Stats & Information details in early August, comparing the two in their stats last season.

Some key stats to consider:

Category............. Tim Tebow .. Kyle Orton
Points/10 Drives..... 17.4........ 16.8
Percent of TD Drives. 20.5........ 19.1
Percent of FG Drives. 10.3........ 11.5
Scoring Percentage... 30.8........ 30.6

On Third Down:
Category............. Tim Tebow .. Kyle Orton
Pass Attempts........ 37.......... 170
Pass First Downs..... 12.......... 55
Rush Attempts........ 10.......... 10
Rush First Downs..... 4........... 7
Conversion Percentage 34.......... 34.4
Yards Per Rush....... 10.2........ 5.3

Red Zone:
Category............. Tim Tebow .. Kyle Orton
Completion Percentage 30.0........ 43.5
TD-INT Ratio......... 3-1......... 13-0
Sacks................ 1........... 2
Rush................. 8........... 1
Rushing Touchdowns... 5........... 0

On third down, their conversion percentages were nearly identical. In the red zone, each averaged a passing touchdown per game. Tebow has the advantage of rushing touchdowns in the red zone, as the Broncos used him in various situations out of the Wild Horses formation to score on stretch plays, beating defenders to the spot on outside rushes. In scoring, Tebow had a slight edge over Orton as more of his drives ended in touchdowns compared to field goals.

When you look at these stats, it is hard to see why the Broncos front office and coaching staff have resisted deferring to Tebow as their starting quarterback.

The greatest difference between Tebow and Orton is not statistics.

It is the part of the game, which one cannot define with metrics or measures.

It is the attitude, the leadership qualities, the intangibles that won Tebow two national championships in college at the University of Florida and the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore—the only sophomore to ever earn that honor. Some called Tebow the greatest college football player ever. He is also regarded as one of the greatest leaders in all of college football history.

The Broncos front office won't have any of it.

Former Broncos great John Elway, now the chief of football operations at Dove Valley, believes that a franchise quarterback for the Broncos is one of the team's greatest needs. In a season preview put together by the Denver Post, he made remarks about what he is looking for in a quarterback:

Far and away the most important position. You need the guy to win you a championship from the pocket, to be a leader, to make it go. And you're looking for the athlete at the position who can operate from the pocket and get out when he needs to.

Tebow isn't a pocket passer. He doesn't have the immense arm strength Elway possessed as a Bronco. He improvises and finds ways to get it done.

He doesn't fit the mold Elway forged in his illustrious career.

On a season-opening Monday night, Orton took a long time to get the offense going. He looked shaky and uncertain. The pressure of the Raiders defensive front harassed him constantly and by the third quarter, it looked like they had gotten to him. He lost the grip of the football in the soggy conditions and the Raiders scooped it up.

The Raiders capitalized on the miscue by scoring moments later on two huge plays.

It was demoralizing.

Orton showed some determination and grit when he finally propelled the Broncos offense into the end zone late in the fourth quarter. But it proved to be too little, too late.

Too little, too late appears to be the book on Orton during his time in Denver. As Orton starts his third season as quarterback for the Broncos, his lack of production in the win column is wearing on fans.

The Broncos' new head coach has dodged the questions about why Tebow didn't see the field against the Raiders and why Tebow can't get a shot at quarterback.

Orton remains the starter next week against a run-heavy Cincinnati Bengals in Week 2. If Orton cannot guide the Broncos to victory against a fellow bottom-feeder like the Bengals, the pressure to make a change will soar through the roof.

If the losses pile up and no changes are made, EFX (John Elway-John Fox-Brian Xanders) will face some serious repercussions from angry season ticket holders, boycotting games, reversing a home-field advantage against the Broncos team.

Even fellow Broncos players like pro-bowl wide receiver Brandon Lloyd, who has been an outspoken supporter of Orton, attacked Tebow fans in the media for booing Orton and chanting for Tebow, will likely face some backlash by paying customers.

Everything is coming to a head as the pressure mounts to make a decision about Tebow.

Fox needs to either start Tebow over Orton and see what happens, or the front office needs to trade him away and promise fans that they can make something happen next season at quarterback to make them forget about Tebow's stay in Denver.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen is well aware of the situation he is in right now, and enraging the people who pay the bills is the last thing he wants to do.

Paige: With Kyle Orton at QB, Broncos have only a ghost of a chance - The Denver Post

Paige: With Kyle Orton at QB, Broncos have only a ghost of a chance - The Denver Post:

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Funny column by Denver Post sports opinion guy, Woody Paige.

Opinion about what head coach John Fox should do with the Broncos, instead of what he is doing: playing safe and conservative, backing Kyle Orton despite his ugly ineefficiencies, and trying to hold together a team that is downright awful right now.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Denver Broncos Need a Lot More Than Tim Tebow to Win Big Games in the NFL

Denver Broncos fans, the chants for Tim Tebow to play need to stop! The Broncos need a whole lot more than Tim Tebow, a learning, growing young quarterback who has struggled with his mechanics to win football games.

The Monday Night Football opener was a glaring display of the gaping holes all over the field that the Broncos need to patch up in order to compete this season.

The first four preseason games for the Broncos were essentially meaningless. Coaches do very little game planning and really only want to see which players can really play and which players aren't good enough to cut it.

Some fans who were excited by the strides made in the preseason and ignored the deficiencies across the board for the Broncos must feel horribly mislead that the Denver Broncos had a real shot of contending this season.

The Broncos have lots of problems all over the field and if fans believe that just substituting in a new quarterback will fix those numerous issues, they are completely ignorant and delusional.

The brunt of the blame from fans will fall square on the shoulders on Kyle Orton.

Orton's performance Monday Night, in rain-soaked conditions, with "fans" shouting for Tim Tebow to replace him, against a top-tier defense, was pedestrian.

Orton was under immense pressure all game long. Defenders were constantly breathing down his neck as the offensive line struggled to create any kind of a pocket for him the entire game. Orton was sacked five times in the game. A few of those sacks Orton may be blamed for holding onto the ball too long.

Orton didn't handle the pressure very well. He appeared erratic and unsure of himself. The offense seemed to be stopping and starting constantly, and all around it wasn't a great performance.

Orton was asked to pass the ball 46 times. He passed for 304 yards scored a touchdown and tossed an interception on a mix up with Brandon Lloyd.

He can also be faulted for giving the Raiders the momentum to go 65 yards in 1:38 and score the winning touchdown. Orton gave up a costly fumble which appears to slip right out of his hands.

The blunder was followed up with big plays by Darrius Heyward-Bey (17-yard reception) and Darren McFadden (47-yard rush) to set up Jason Campbell for an easy one-yard QB sneak for a touchdown.

Orton didn't have his best game tonight.

But he did keep the Broncos in this game.

His impressive (and lucky) 12-play, 80-yard drive gave the Broncos defense the opportunity to make a stop and give the Broncos one last shot to win the game.

After connecting with Lance Ball on a 9-yard touchdown pass with 3:43 left in the game, Orton never saw the field again.

It remains to be seen whether or not the game would have gone differently if Tebow was in there at quarterback or even Brady Quinn.

The truth is that the porous middle of the Broncos defense was the biggest reason the Broncos lost. Brodrick Bunkley and Kevin Vickerson couldn't get it done. Joe Mays at middle linebacker wasn't making the plays to drop Darren McFadden for a loss. McFadden is one of the best running backs in the league and the Broncos couldn't stop him.

What will happen when the Broncos face Chris Johnson in Week 3? Or Cedric Benson in Week 2?

The Raiders didn't beat the Broncos with the pass. Campbell passed for just 105 yards.

Without a run defense it isn't going to matter who is in at quarterback for the Broncos. At least not on this roster. Would Tebow have gotten out there and passed for 400+ yards like Cam Newton did in Week 1.

It is very unlikely. Even if Tebow matched Orton's 304 yards, I doubt that it would have been enough to overcome the Broncos lack of a run defense.

The offensive line for the Broncos is another story entirely.

They looked overmatched and inexperienced. Their youth across the entire line showed.

Orton did his best to stand in there and complete passes with defenders hurrying him every snap. How would Tebow have handled that kind of pressure. He probably would have tucked it and ran the ball on a lot of downs.

While Tebow brings another set of intangibles to the game when he is in, he isn't going to out run defenders in the NFL. He isn't going to take on Richard Seymour and win that battle. He won't bulldoze Rolando McClain. Tebow's fate after taking on some of the Raiders huge defensive players would probably be similar to many of the Broncos top stars in the game—out with injury.

It is very evident that the Broncos' offensive line needs to come together and grow up as a group very quickly or else Quinn or Tebow might have to come in out of necessity if Orton goes down with an injury after one too many sacks.

The Broncos problems right now don't revolve around the quarterback position.

Let's face it the Broncos were 4-12 last season. After a dismal season like that, that would signal that a serious overhaul at positions all over the team must be addressed.

Without making those changes, trades, selecting draft picks, to improve the team at its core on both sides of the ball, the Broncos will be headed back to the bottom of the NFL no matter who plays quarterback.

Raiders vs. Broncos Monday Night Football: What We Learned from the Game | Bleacher Report

Raiders vs. Broncos Monday Night Football: What We Learned from the Game | Bleacher Report:

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Nice article on Bleach Report about what we learned in the Monday Night Football game against the Oakland Raiders.

FINAL: Sloppy Broncos Lose Opener To Raiders 23-20 - Mile High Report

FINAL: Sloppy Broncos Lose Opener To Raiders 23-20 - Mile High Report:

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Sloppy. Painful. Ugly. This one really hurts. Broncos have a very long way to go if they want to see one more win than last season. ESPN's Power Rankings had the Broncos near the bottom. This loss will solidify their position at the bottom of the NFL. It was bad!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Denver Broncos Add Depth with Run-Blocking Tackle/Guard via Waivers

The Denver Broncos have added Tony Hills, a run-blocking offensive tackle, who can also fill in at guard if necessary. Hills was recently released by the Pittsburgh Steelers when teams made final cuts to reduce the active roster to 53 players.

To add Hills, the Broncos have released offensive guard, Herb Taylor.

Hills was drafted in the 4th round of the 2008 NFL draft with the 130th overall pick.

Hills saw some action last season in the lineup with the Steelers for a total of four games.

Position: Offensive Tackle/Guard
Weight: 304 lbs
Height: 6'5"
Age: 26
College: University of Texas

Scouting Report:
Hills has a big frame and works most effectively as a positional blocker. In order to open holes and seal off edges for running backs to bounce outside, Hills positions his body between the defender and the ball carrier preventing the defender from making a play on the runner. As a positional blocker, Hills has been known more for his inside run blocking capabilities compared to outside. His wide frame and long arms have benefited him in the rushing game, opening lanes and holes for the back.

A downside of Hills game is his quickness and aggression. He is not a speedy blocker and fails occasionally to get outside quick enough to stop defenders at the point of attack. Bull rushers in the passing game have also been known to give him a hard time. He has been known to give up ground and be pushed into the pocket by a bull-rushing end.

Hills will be utilized in the running game more than the passing game. His large frame, long arms, and positional blocking style all work to his advantage when creating running lanes inside. He would backup either rookie right tackle, Orlando Franklin, or if necessary, left tackle, Ryan Clady. His versatility to also play guard makes him able to help out every where he's needed. There remains a concern with Hills on passing downs that his lack of quickness and susceptibility to the bull rush that needs to be addressed and worked on to become a more complete player.

Broncos should be happy to add more depth on the offensive line with the versatile Hills, who can open up lanes in the running game.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday Night Football: Broncos, Fox Need Fast Start vs. Oakland Raiders

The Denver Broncos 2011 season opener will be under the nationally-televised, bright lights of Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders. It will be head coach John Fox's debut for the Broncos against the Broncos' No. 1 rival.

Fox will immediately be thrown into the fire at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, when he faces a Raiders team that embarrassed the Broncos last season in a blow-out 59-14 victory, one of the worst losses in Broncos history.

That embarrassment by the Raiders was the last straw for Broncos fans, as the cries for Josh McDaniels' head on a platter turned to angry shouts by an enraged fan base.

Historically, the Broncos have struggled on Monday night.

In 62 games, the Broncos have won 27, lost 34, and they tied the other.

On October 22, 1973, the Broncos played in their first-ever Monday Night Football appearance against, surprisingly enough, the Oakland Raiders. What is even more surprising is that the one game that ended in a tie for the Broncos was indeed this first-ever Monday night appearance.

In recent years, the Broncos struggles on Monday Night have been no different. While millions of viewers tuned in the last three years, the Broncos have received three horrendous whippings, and only mustered two wins in five tries.

On November 22, 2010, the Broncos got pounded by their AFC West divisional rivals, the San Diego Chargers, and lost the game 35-14. Philip Rivers threw for four touchdowns, and their backup running back, Mike Tolbert, torched the Broncos for 111 yards.

The season before that the Broncos were humiliated by the eventual Super Bowl Champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Again the Broncos were shredded by the passing of "Big Ben" Roethlisberger, who tossed three touchdowns. Rashard Mendenhall also put up 155 yards rushing. Kyle Orton matched Roethlisberger's success with his own ineptitude when he had three interceptions, one returned by backup cornerback Tyrone Carter for a pick-six.

The only glimmer of hope for the Broncos comes just three short years ago when the Broncos opened the regular season on Monday Night Football against the Oakland Raiders.

At that time however, the Broncos looked like a much different team.

Jay Cutler started under center, and the Broncos hadn't yet traded away rising stars Tony Scheffler or Peyton Hillis. The Broncos crushed the Raiders 41-14 in what appeared to be the start of something great in 2008. Instead, it was the start of Mike Shanahan's final season in Denver, which was followed by the departure of each of those young stars.

Last season, the Raiders swept the series against the Broncos, beating them in the second matchup of the season by a final score of 39-23.

In that game, Tim Tebow got his first NFL start at quarterback. His pedestrian 138 passing yards was boosted by his team leading 78 yards rushing. He had the only two touchdowns for the Broncos in that game: one passing and one rushing.

In that game, however, it was the Raiders dominant rushing game that overwhelmed the Broncos.

The Raiders cumulatively ran the ball for 264 yards on 41 attempts. Darren McFadden led the Raiders with 20 carries for 119 yards, averaging six yards per carry.

The Broncos' run defense was a consistent problem last season, something that the new ball coach has been asked to dramatically improve right away. The Raiders will be an immediate test to the progress that Fox has made with the defense.

The Broncos must shut down the run on the first drive.

The Raiders have a new head coach also, Hue Jackson, who will undoubtedly seek to rush the ball early and often against the Broncos.

If the Broncos can stop the explosive run game of the Raiders, they will be forced to beat the Broncos through the air.

Advantage: Broncos.

The Broncos showed off a swarming pass-rush in the preseason. The combination of standout defensive end Elvis Dumervil and rookie linebacker Von Miller has been a thrill to watch. They will be all over Raiders quarterback, Jason Campbell, who will attempt to beat Champ Bailey, a perennial shutdown cornerback for the Broncos, and Andre Goodman, a better-than-average back who consistently gets the job done.

If the Broncos can create pressure and sacks, force Campbell to throw picks, or generate fumbles, the Broncos' defense will create turnovers and get short fields to beat the Raiders.

The kind of momentum that the turnovers will generate will make the Broncos forget their misfortunes of last season's 4-12 record.

This is the start of the John Fox Era in Denver, and Fox needs to right the ship from Week 1, or else it could spell a continued downward spiral for a Broncos organization already at the bottom.

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NFL Preseason: Denver Broncos' 5 Bright Spots Despite Ugly Final Preseason Game | Bleacher Report

NFL Preseason: Denver Broncos' 5 Bright Spots Despite Ugly Final Preseason Game | Bleacher Report:

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These guys should be given a shot to make the team based on last night's performance. All the other players vying for a roster spot were awful.

Cut them.

Tebow a lone bright spot; Broncos routed by Cards

Tebow a lone bright spot; Broncos routed by Cards

Tebow shines in preseason final rout by Arizona Cardinals.

New QB On Broncos Radar « Predominantly Orange | A Denver Broncos Blog

New QB On Broncos Radar « Predominantly Orange | A Denver Broncos Blog:

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Nice NFL career Adam Weber.

Hopefully the Broncos think enough of you to put you on the practice squad. Next year, there might be an opportunity for a real quarterback competition with Quinn and Orton likely leaving.

Your near touchdown run turned some heads too.

Syd’Quan Thompson out for the year - BroncoTalk

Syd’Quan Thompson out for the year - BroncoTalk:

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Oh no! Broncos lose key special teams guy, Syd'Quan Thompson with a torn Achilles tendon for the season.

This is very bad news for the Broncos and will open the door for a backup or two at the Safety position.. Probably Kyle McCarthy, or Darcel McBath.

This really stinks. I like Thompson and thought he could make a real impact this season.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Denver Broncos Preseason: Backup Brady Quinn Takes a Huge Step Backwards

Brady Quinn was believed to be the undisputed backup quarterback to Kyle Orton for the Denver Broncos this season. That was before he stepped onto the field for his final preseason game.

It wasn't until his third drive of the day that Quinn moved the Broncos with a pass to Matthew Willis for 13 yards. The pass was Quinn's longest pass of the first half.

In the second quarter, Quinn went on a streak of seven straight incomplete passes. His only completion in the second quarter came right before the two-minute warning. He hit Dandre Goodwin for 10 yards. He followed up his only successful play of the second quarter by abruptly passing the ball to Stewart Bradley, which set up the Arizona Cardinals for an easy field goal.

After leaving the game at halftime, Quinn left the Broncos in a huge hole. The Broncos had no points and were down by 20 points.

Quinn's stat line for the night: 4-12, for 26 yards passing, and one interception. His quarterback rating was a minuscule 7.6 percent. The offense put together zero points.

Quinn did enough on his own to relinquish the backup quarterback position. His utter futility to move the ball, put together any semblance of an offense and fail to do anything positive should earn him the No.3 spot in the quarterback rotation.

Quinn's performance set him back to the days when he quarterbacked the Cleveland Browns. He last two starts in Cleveland he had passer ratings of 27.7 percent against the Kansas City Chiefs and 48.1 percent against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The majority of the work Quinn was called upon to do was hand the ball off to his running backs.

Those weak performances prompted the Browns to complete a trade with the Broncos for Peyton Hillis. One of the biggest blunders by the Broncos in a long time.

All of that talk about who will clinch the backup spot for the Broncos is over.

Quinn is not the guy.

The guy who should be the backup: Tim Tebow.

Tebow had a 43-yard touchdown pass to Eron Riley. The pass was a perfectly lofted deep ball into the end zone, right in Riley's arms. Tebow's stat line was 7-11 for 116 yards and a touchdown. He showed that he could stand in the pocket, take the pressure and make the passes. The only scoring drive for the Broncos started back at the Broncos six-yard line, where they went 94 yards in 1:36.

Tebow's performance silenced his critics, while Quinn's performance may have stirred up new ones.

2011 NFL Predictions: Denver Broncos Playoff Contenders This Season? | Bleacher Report | Bleacher Report

2011 NFL Predictions: Denver Broncos Playoff Contenders This Season? | Bleacher Report:

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Denver Broncos are legitimate Playoff Contenders this season?!

Look through this season as I break down the games and tell you what to expect for the Denver Broncos in 2011.