Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bill Barnwell breaks down Tim Tebow's epic game and the coaching woes in Atlanta - Grantland

Bill Barnwell breaks down Tim Tebow's epic game and the coaching woes in Atlanta - Grantland:
Bill Barnwell writes: "Well, on Sunday Tebow delivered one of the finest performances a quarterback has delivered in recent memory. Not in some intangible quality — leadership, heart, grit, you name it, whatever — but an actual quantifiably great game. He's delivered that before as a pro, but not as a passer, and not against a fantastic defense. In the wake of Sunday night's remarkable upset, we are here to tell you that Tebow delivered a game as a passer that is worth your respect and then some."

If you want to subtract some credit for Tebow's inaccuracy, use passer rating instead. Passer rating is flawed for a variety of reasons, but the biggest reason is that it favors quarterbacks with excellent completion percentages who never make big plays downfield. The second biggest reason is that it doesn't consider a quarterback's rushing ability. If there is any stat that would give an artificially low opinion of your typical Tim Tebow performance, it's passer rating. And despite all that, Tebow's performance on Sunday merited a passer rating of 125.6. Since 1990, only 29 of the 485 quarterbacks who threw 15 or more passes in a game put up a passer rating greater than 125.6."

Tim Tebow set some amazing records and had a performance of the ages in his first-ever NFL Playoff game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, number one ranked defense. What a performance!
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